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To give you some perspective I average between 15,000 and 25,000 steps on a daily basis, so in short I am rarely sat down unless it’s to eat (which I somehow still manage whilst on the go) or sleeping.

Reading is a novelty for holidays (when they rarely happen) or sick days (which again rarely happen). About two years ago I was introduced by a friend to Audible. And oh my goodness what a game changer it has been in my life.

I am a confessed self help and personal development addict. I adore books on self growth, listening to how others found balance or huge success, and the psychology behind social media and people is a rabbit hole I enjoy falling in.

I thought it would be nice to share my favourite and revisited audio books and why I find them so powerful in my life.

Here’s my current library, I won’t bore you with the rest but these are the books that I live by (at the moment) I’m always open to new suggestions and additions to the virtual book shelf.

Where some of these are marked as ‘finished’ that is likely ‘finished a number of times’ I like to relisten to booked regularly to make sure it has really gone in!

Mel Robbins

Let’s start with Mel, I call her Mel because if you have seen her on Youtube or read or listened to your books you honestly feel like you know her. She is one of the most inspiring people to listen to, mainly because she is utterly REAL, she shares her own struggles that are huge, and openly talks about her journey out from the well and up to the top of the sky scraper when’re she now resides.

Relatable, heart warming but realistic and humorous all at the same time. I have a variety of her books and subsequently follow her on social media too for a daily reminder when I log on to Instagram.

The top book on the list from Mel has to be ‘The High 5 Habit’ this book is all about the importance of internal validation. As mentioned in my previous blog ‘Finding my Voice’ I am a terrible self critic and in the past have relied on everyone else to tell me I was worthy and good enough. This book shows you a way to slowly start transitioning to a person that gets up in the morning, high fives themselves and then bosses the day. If this is something you can relate to I can really recommend any of Mel Robbin’s books.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Secrets of the millionaire mind - T. Harv Eker

A beyond interesting account of the mindset of highly successful people. This book looks in to the ‘financial blueprint’ we have all created as children from our parents and influential people. It shares with you the scarily pre-made plan your brain has towards success depending on how you were raised. Every time I re-listen to this book I find myself laughing at the similarities and relevance of some of the behaviour explained. The book is again realistic, you can’t expect to read it and bam you’ll be a millionaire (if only it was that easy) but it sets you up to look inwards and start to really see the way you behave around money and life generally.

It helps you to start to be very aware of the way you react in situations and the thought processes you have. In the long run setting you up for a happier, more positive and successful future.

The Unexpected Joy of Being Single

The Unexpected Joy of being single - Catherine Gray

As a newly single person after running away like a rat on fire from a horrendous relationship at the end of 2021 this book was just incredible (and much needed).

Catherine was a self confessed love addict (apparently I was too) and she gives honest accounts of her journey through her colourful dating life and the realisations she has in the process.

Again like previous books I had myself listening and relating to SO much of what she said ‘oh my god that’s me, that’s what I do!!’ and it gave me both comfort and an insight in to why I have behaved the way I have in the past. (Don’t get me wrong I’m not rushing out in to another relationship any time soon after the last one) BUT it did help me realise that my desire to be loved is solely selfish and again another way to be validated.

The book is incredibly funny and Catherine really doesn’t hold back on the language and humour when describing her own experiences.

The Four Hour Work Week

The four hour work week - Tim Ferris

Of all of the books on my virtual bookshelf this one took the most effort to listen to. Tim Ferris is unquestionably insightful and watching his Ted talks not long after finishing the book for the first time, he is incredibly motivational.

I found the book harder to feel enveloped in (I like to feel like a friend is talking to me) but still the information he shares is mind blowing. Below is the key points from the book:

The 4-Hour Workweek (2009) describes the life of the New Rich, people who’ve emancipated themselves from the slavery of office work and built a life centered around happiness in the here and now. If you want to lead such a life too, you’ll have to start by being more productive and finding a source of continuous – and almost entirely passive – income. These blinks will show you how.

As you can see it’s an incredible insight to breaking away from the 9-5 mentality, but like all the books I seem to be drawn to it’s all about looking inside and getting some perspective on your own life.

I have no doubt that my virally library will continue to grow but having shared there finds with some many friends and acquaintances it felt like a great subject for a blog post. If you have any recommendations please leave them in the comments, I am ALWAYS looking for new inspiration to add the the repertoire.

And as always, thanks for reading

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Finding my Voice

This is a subject that after literally consuming self development books almost daily for the last three years, I feel like I can finally open up about. I have always been a person that relies on validation from other people, I make content people either ask for or from research I know they want to watch. This has gotten me reasonably far with regards to my audience but my head was not a happy place.

Spending around three years as ‘an Influencer/mumfluencer’ whatever you want to call it, I slowly started to HATE social media, the pressure from brands wanting results, interfering with your style and your followers judging you because lets face it no one believes you are genuine when you are being paid £1,000 to talk about a product, it was utterly soul destroying.

About two years ago after falling down the well of ‘influencing’ I publicly announced that I would no longer be called an influencer and I was in fact just a person that shared content, with no pressure and no expectation from anyone, including myself. What I did commit to doing was working with brands as a videographer and a photographer to create them content for their own social media. This sometimes involved me but I didn’t HAVE to share anything on my personal accounts.

My social media journey has been colourful and my account has moved around all of the areas of my life from fitness, cottage life, baking, interiors to now, which is horses. I would sit clueless most evenings empty of ideas after a busy day of selling my creativity to other people and basically have nothing to say.

I started personal development coaching (therapy, counselling) not sure of the best terminology, just over a year ago and the journey of weekly sessions until this present day has seen me convert from someone that constantly needs validation from everyone else, to someone that internally knows their worth (most of the time, we all have shit days) and feels no pressure to perform like a dancing monkey daily on social media.

Once feeling mentally stronger it was time to turn my attentions to social media. Who am I, what do I want to share and why do I want to share it. As a videographer and filmmaker my passion lies in provoking emotion, when you watch my videos I want you to ‘feel’ something. I sit across the room from Arabella (my daughter) and even at a distance am totally overwhelmed by the loudness and aggressive video content that is so widely available. Fast talking, loud noises, go go go, I don’t want this. I want to tell stories in a peaceful way incorporating some talking, natural sounds and appropriate music, the kind that doesn’t panic you and make you feel like you should be up and doing star jumps at 6am.

From years of google searches ‘how to grow my channel’ ‘what do people want to see’ ‘ how to get noticed’ my new strategy goes against everything I’ve read. You must post click bait, fast paced content to capture peoples attention, Loud thumbnails, long wordy captions. Nope, not doing any of it. My statement to you all today is that I will share the following:

Instagram – Life, short captions, some stories when I fancy it, I won’t work with brands unless it’s as a photographer or videographer, if I share them it’s a product I love or I’m working with the brand. I also commit to responding to DM’s predominantly with voice notes as it’s a much better way of communication with people properly.

My Blog – A variety of blogs about all aspects of my life, as and when I feel inspired, no pressure for creativity. If I write four posts one week and one the net so be it. If I’ve learned anything from working as a creative it’s that you can’t force creativity.

Youtube – A variety of videos covering parts of my life, some informative some relaxing, some just because I want to document something, I won’t commit to a schedule, I will post as and when my life allows time.

I branded my account briefly as ‘The Equestrian Blogger’ because it was a way of starting to write and find my footing in a new area without any stigma attached to it or the need to share it on my social media. It so turns out that writing makes me incredibly happy so deciding to continue down this late night coffee fuelled avenue of writing was going to need to fit in to my current ‘life plan’.

So moving forwards my account is called ‘Georgina Hannay’, I am an Equestrian and Countryside filmmaker, photographer and blogger. And I will be talking about all the things that are part of my life. This will vary from a bit of fashion (when I spend more than 12 seconds not in riding clothes) the animals, the cottage, my work the horses, holidays and whatever else I fancy journalling on here, filming for YouTube and photographing for Instagram.

Hopefully this all makes sense. It has felt like a journey of discovery finding my purpose, but I finally feel like on a personal level where I have landed is right.

I am still very much on the social media treadmill but I am wondering not sprinting.

Thanks as always for reading

My first Youtube video with a commitment on the type of content I want to create, would love to know what you think