Confessed horse nut, having ridden from a really young age and continued this obsession up until mid thirties without so much of a moment of regretting early mornings mucking out 10 stables, this is the real deal. I bail on friends when a horse is in need, choose to spend my weekends preparing for competitions and sitting in a cold horsebox rather than cosy pubs and family roasts.

I run my own livery yard in the South West of the UK catering for problem horses, rehab liveries and re schooling. In a 32 year career in horses theres not too much I haven’t seen or experienced so this blog is a memoir of my equestrian life.

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Meet my Horses

Mr Fox

This horse is my pride and joy, bought cheaply as a 12 year old that has been left in a field for 8 years. He was the biggest gamble that paid off no end. He is currently going through Kissing spines Rehab with hopes to get him back on track in 2022.


Pee came in to my life quite recently, she is a Polish mare with a substantial record from competing over there. She’s complex and quirky, has clearly been subject to some of the appalling European techniques given the small scar that litter her lower body. But she has a home with us to live out her days at a comfortable level with all the love and patience she needs.


Daisy has been with us for five years. She was given to me when Arabella (my daughter) was only tiny and though she’s been sorely outgrown she will go nowhere. Standing at under 30 inches and 25 years old she will spend the rest of her days roaming/eating and being loved.

Let’s build something together.